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Fig Pricing Tiers: Free, Pro 👑, and Enterprise

Brendan Falk

Happy Monday! Today, I am exciting to officially announce Fig's pricing plans:


We have 3 tiers:

  • Free: Everything you / your small team need to be productive in the terminal
  • Pro 👑: Additional productivity / collaboration features for power users and teams
  • Enterprise: SSO, access controls, compliance, and premium support for large organizations

You can see the full pricing details at fig.io/pricing or you can run fig settings to start your 14 day free trial of Fig Pro 👑.

Our pricing model

Fig's pricing model is inspired by GitHub's:

We like this model: it's simple, predictable, sustainable for Fig, and most importantly, only scales if you / your team are actually getting value out of Fig.

Fig Free

We want every developer to be able experience the full power of the Fig without needing to put down a credit card. That why we have Fig Free.

Fig Free enables individuals and small teams (up to 5) to host private data in any of Fig's products up to a certain point at absolutely no cost. You can see the thresholds on the pricing page: fig.io/pricing

Fig Pro 👑

The Pro plan is designed for

  • power users who want more advanced functionality
  • teams that want to collaborate and use Fig as their source of truth for environments, scripts, SSH credentials, and more.

Everything is bundled into one massive (and objectively pretty awesome) plan. You get:

  • unlimited usage of all of Fig's products
  • Autocomplete in SSH and Docker containers
  • Fig AI (English → Bash translation using OpenAI Codex)
  • priority support
  • a pro badge on your public profile (coming soon)
  • early access to our future products

Just keep an eye out for the 👑 symbol - anywhere you see it means it's a Fig Pro feature!

How do I upgrade?

Just run fig settings and head to the Billing and Plans tab.

If you don't already have Fig, you can download it from fig.io/download or by running brew install fig

Fig Enterprise

Our enterprise tier is designed to support the policy, security, support, and compliance needs of large organizations. Fig provides SSO/SAML, role based access controls (RBAC), audit logs, priority support with SLA, and more.

We know how sensitive the terminal/shell environment is and how unique each large organization is. If your org has any additional needs on top of what's already listed, we would be more than happy to support it. Please email enterprise@fig.io

How will we price future products?

Fig is building a suite of products that make developers and engineering teams more productive. We've already launched autocomplete and dotfiles and we are launching several more over the next month.

How will we price them?

All of our future products will be bundled into one of our existing plans. Considering all of our products will be closely related, we think bundling makes far more sense than having completely separate apps. This means that when you start paying for Fig, you'll have full access to the Fig ecosystem of new and existing products.

Next Steps

Over the next few days, Fig is launching several features for the Pro 👑 plan and over the next month, we are launching several new products.

If you're already a Fig user, run fig and start playing around with our new features.

If you're just hearing about us, feel free to download us from fig.io or by running brew install fig

And if you have questions, please email hello@fig.io

Want to stay up to date? Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/fig